Will There Be A Bad Moms 3?

“Bad Moms Christmas” star Susan Sarandon just lately advised Us Weekly that she is raring to start engaged on “Bad Moms’ Moms”, the third installment of the sequence. She stated, “I hope they get that script together. We had so much fun. Those ladies are just a blast and so fun to work with. So I hope so.” The 74-year-old defined that the movie was on schedule earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic put pre-production on maintain. Sarandon stated, “So, I don’t even know. You are reminding me I should ask my agent what’s going on with that.”

Though the Academy Award-winner could not say for sure after we can count on “Bad Moms’ Moms”, it is clear she’s excited to reprise her function. During a press junket in 2017, she stated, “When you get in a project where everybody is very professional, and especially all women that was pretty unusual, and that you know are good with this particular genre then it’s really just fun. And I was looking to have a good time, really.”

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