What Is the Future of New York City?

“It’s a ghost town,” former President Donald J. Trump stated of New York City final fall throughout a presidential debate. “It’s dying, everyone’s leaving New York.”

He was not the just one who noticed all the closed storefronts and empty places of work, and wrote it off.

“It’s completely dead,” stated the self-help creator and provocateur James Altucher in a weblog essay referred to as “New York Is Dead Forever … Here’s Why” that was endlessly dissected, and mocked, final summer season.

“Businesses are remote and they aren’t returning to the office,” he wrote. “And it’s a death spiral.”

The notion that New York and different massive cities have been changing into out of date was trending in all places. The fundamental argument was that there’s little have to put up with loopy rents, overpriced eating places and packed subways in the period of digital nomads.

As the city reopens, many party veterans are predicting a return to the carnal days of Studio 54 and Plato’s Retreat.

He has no doubt that people will be ready to pony up for good times, even after the economic trauma of the past year. “You have all these new Bitcoin millionaires, people spending stimulus checks,” Mr. Tepperberg said. Besides, he added, “people haven’t had to pay for new clothes or haircuts for a year.”

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