Spike Lee Accidentally Reveals Palme d’Or Winner Early: It’s ‘Titane’

CANNES, France — The 2021 version of the Cannes Film Festival gave its prime prize, the celebrated Palme d’Or, to the French movie “Titane.”

A wild serial-killer story with a few of the most controversial scenes of the competition, “Titane” was directed by Julia Ducournau, who turned simply the second lady to win the Palme, after Jane Campion took the prize in 1993 for “The Piano.”

And although “Titane” had been hotly tipped as a first-rate contender for the Palme, that reveal got here a lot sooner than meant: At the start of the closing ceremony, when the jury president, Spike Lee, was requested to announce the primary prize of the night time, he misunderstood and browse off the first-prize winner as a substitute.

“Don’t do it!” shouted the actress-director Mélanie Laurent, a jury member seated subsequent to Lee. But the cat was already out of the bag.

(At a information convention after the ceremony, Lee mentioned that he had no excuses and that “I messed up,” including, “I’m a big sports fan. It’s like the guy at the end of the game in the foul line, he misses the free throw or a guy misses a kick.” He additionally mentioned he apologized to the Cannes organizers. “They said forget about it.”)

The unintended “Titane” reveal was solely the primary of a number of chaotic moments on the ceremony, because the spoiled Palme reveal was adopted by a best-actor prize for Caleb Landry Jones for the Australian tragedy “Nitram.” When a nervous-looking Jones took the stage, he appeared sick to his stomach, said, “I cannot do this,” and beat a hasty retreat.

Still, by the time a teary Ducournau was brought out at the end of the ceremony to finally accept her Palme, she had embraced the chaos. “This evening has been perfect,” she said, “because it’s so not perfect.”

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