Inside secret torture prison run by Ukraine’s Russian-backed separatists

He says it felt like an earthquake.

For three days in a row, Ruslan Zakharov was taken to the basement of a prison that doesn’t technically exist, the place his captors would take a subject phone, connect electrodes to his limbs and ship electrical shocks by means of his physique.

“It shakes you all up so hard: half of your body goes numb,” Mr Zakharov, 31, recollects. “You think they’re going to kill you: you feel helpless. You think you’re alone and no one will come to your rescue.”

Mr Zakharov, who used to dwell in a frontline city in japanese Ukraine, was tortured at Izolyatsia, a crumbling manufacturing unit within the Russian-separatist-controlled metropolis of Donetsk.

The constructing was a contemporary artwork hub earlier than it was became a torture chamber after struggle broke out in 2014.

Victims of torture have for the primary time revealed particulars in regards to the separatists’ clandestine prison in interviews with The Telegraph, telling how males had been positioned on hanging racks and inmates had been waterboarded and compelled to combat one another.

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