Who Said Art Is Only for the One Percent?

Twelve years in the earlier, Mr. Vo discovered a touching 1861 letter by a French missionary to his father, written in Vietnam as the priest awaited execution by the nation’s anti-Catholic regime. Mr. Vo took that letter and had his private immigrant father copy it out in the fancy script he’d found as a toddler in Vietnam. The two males then outfitted it for sale for 300 euros, or roughly $369 acceptable this second, in as many handmade copies as the world wished. Mr. Vo figures that, by now, his father has written out the letter virtually 2,000 circumstances.

“If I contributed anything in the arts, it’s with this work,” talked about Mr. Vo on a fame from his residence exterior Berlin, together with, “I even tell collectors, ‘Why would you buy anything else?’” The admittedly cryptic piece touches on faith and identification, ingenious and handbook labor, immigration and assimilation, East and West, colonized and colonizer.

Mr. Vo sees the letter’s virtually trivial ticket as together with conceptual heft to the piece. He laughs about copies of it which have come up in auctions, given new one can all the time be ordered for the precise value — which, with inflation, actually elements to a gradual decline in precise value.

“I wanted my best work to be the cheapest work,” talked about Mr. Vo. That’s a splendidly clever assertion that solely seems uncommon on account of, in the years since the high-end market eclipsed Multiples, Inc., we’ve come to ponder that the largest work all the time bears the largest ticket.

Multiples, Inc.: 1965-1992

Opens Jan. 12 by the use of Feb. 27, Marian Goodman Gallery, 24 West 57th Street, 212-977-7160; newyork@mariangoodman.com. Because of Covid-19, appointments must be booked upfront.

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