When Will We Know the Election Results?

Election Day is lastly right here in the United States. So naturally lots of you might be questioning: When will the world know the consequence?

Unfortunately, nobody is aware of for certain. We know, we all know, you’ve waited this lengthy, and also you’re simply attempting to determine whether or not to remain up all night time or go to mattress and hope there’s a solution in the morning. Or on Thursday. Or Friday at the newest.

We can’t make that selection for you, however we can provide you some instruments to assist assume via the night time.

The first polls shut at 6 p.m. Eastern in components of Kentucky and Indiana, and the final don’t shut till after 12 a.m. Eastern time.

Here’s an inventory of when each state’s polls shut, which typically means if somebody hasn’t voted, or isn’t in line to vote by then, they’ve run out of time.

States begin reporting a few of their outcomes as quickly as their polls shut. But keep in mind, they don’t report them , so that you may see skewed outcomes while you’re scrolling via the information channels or gazing The New York Times outcomes pages.

It’s complicated. The Daily podcast this week outlined three of the potential scenarios, though there are many more that could make election night, and the days that follow, more complicated.

“We’ve never had an election like this before,” Alex Burns, a national political correspondent, told the host, Michael Barbaro. “It’s possible that we will have these expectations and they will be totally shattered by what actually happens on election night. It’s possible the counting could be much faster, it’s possible it could be much slower.”

Those three scenarios Mr. Burns and Mr. Barbaro describe:

  • Joseph R. Biden Jr. scores a significant win in one of the East Coast states that is expected to count its votes the fastest. If Mr. Biden wins Florida, for example, that’s a sign that Mr. Trump’s path to victory may be difficult. “There are not a lot of Republicans who believe that the president can win this race without Florida,” Mr. Burns said.

  • President Trump holds on in all of those early major East Coast states. That signals a close race, which means all eyes turn toward the Midwest.

  • The third is what Mr. Burns calls the “It’s a giant mess and we just don’t know anything” scenario. He describes drawn-out uncertainty: “This is Florida 2000 in several states at once.” In that case, final calls in several key states would rest on the counting of mail-in ballots, which could take days.

You’ve probably got some time to kill right now, so why not go listen to the episode? Or check out the Election Distractor.

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