Weddings: When Opposites Become Best Friends

Christian Hendry mentioned that Wynne Hamerman was a “social butterfly,” after they met on the University of Connecticut in the beginning of their sophomore years in September 2009.

Mr. Hendry, by his personal admission, was the polar reverse. “When Wynne came into my life, I was a quiet and standoffish person, I never opened up to anyone,” mentioned Mr. Hendry, 30, a model artistic supervisor for Nike in New York.

“Wynne taught me what it means to really care about people,” he added. “She always puts other people before herself, and proves over and over again that there is always enough time to make that extra phone call for a friend, or to go that extra mile.”

Ms. Hamerman, additionally 30, described Mr. Hendry as “a level-headed person who didn’t come with any judgment. He’s drama-free, which I love, and now approaches every situation with an open mind.”

Ms. Hamerman, a New-York-based freelance artistic account supervisor and photographer who supplies photograph shoots and movies for retail firms, mentioned that she has additionally discovered a lot from Mr. Hendry throughout the practically dozen years they’ve been collectively.

“He has taught me how to be patient,” she mentioned. “Not only is he patient, but he is very hard-working and very funny and also a very good listener — just a good guy over all.”

After graduating from the University of Connecticut, they continued courting within the ensuing years and acquired engaged Oct. 19, 2019.

“Like any other couple, we had been through a lot together, before we got engaged,” Ms. Hamerman mentioned. “But for the most part, our relationship has always been easy and fun, and most importantly, we have always been each other’s best friend and support system.”

In January 2013, Ms. Hamerman discovered a job in New York whereas Mr. Hendry took varied jobs, relocating to Dallas, after which Atlanta earlier than in the end returning to Connecticut.

They broke up for a yr, however each had been wise sufficient, they mentioned, to comprehend that their worlds wouldn’t be as shiny with out the opposite and acquired again collectively.

“When we first met, Christian wasn’t that interested in moving to New York,” Ms. Hamerman mentioned. “But by the time I actually took a job in New York, he had a much different personality, and was now someone who was willing to socialize more by meeting new people and seeing new things.”

By now utterly open-minded, Mr. Hendry realized he might be doing all of that along with his greatest pal, Ms. Hamerman, and moved into her Manhattan house in January 2015.

They had been married April 10 on the Bowery Hotel in New York. Jonathan Espinal, a pal of the couple who was ordained via American Marriage Ministries, officiated earlier than 16 friends, together with the couple’s mother and father, Fern Galperin and Don Hamerman of Stamford, Conn., and Amy Hendry of Waterford, Conn. (Mr. Hendry can be the son of the late William Hendry.)

The couple had initially deliberate to get married on the identical date at Dobbin Street, an occasions house in Brooklyn, with 200 friends, however the coronavirus changed those plans.

“We’ve always been on the same wavelength, and getting married was the most important thing to us, and we can always have our reception somewhere down the road,” the groom said.

“It’s not like we’re going to lose touch with any of those 200 guests who could no longer come to the wedding,” he added, “because Wynne keeps in touch with almost every one of them.”

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