Watch this. Eat that: Detox with La Michoacana as you snack on ‘The Influencers’ bite-sized episodes

If you desire a juice detox of one other type, get contemporary fruit jugo, or an icy but spicy mangonada. Go to La Michoacana, the group of independently owned ice cream parlors with 1000’s of places throughout this nation and Mexico. I like my native store within the Hermosa neighborhood. Order ice cream in flavors from strawberry, lemon, pineapple, cucumber, soursop, tamarind to mango-and-chamoy twist. Hot, sweet-and-sour chamoy sauce swirls round scoops, completed with contemporary mango and chile powder. No matter the season, it’s summer season in a cup. 4345 W. Armitage Ave., 872-829-3615. For extra places, go to — Louisa Chu

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