Trump Says Oracle Could ‘Handle’ Owning TikTok

WASHINGTON — President Trump stated late on Tuesday that he would help Oracle shopping for TikTok, the Chinese-owned viral video app that his administration says should to be bought within the subsequent few weeks.

In feedback to reporters at an occasion in Arizona, Mr. Trump referred to as Oracle a “great company” and stated the agency, which focuses on enterprise software program, may efficiently run TikTok.

“I think that Oracle would be certainly somebody that could handle it,” he stated.

Mr. Trump declined to say whether or not he believed Oracle was a greater choice to take over the app than Microsoft, the software program big that has additionally talked with ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese proprietor, about shopping for the app.

Mr. Trump’s feedback got here as his administration tries to drive the sale of TikTok over issues that its possession poses a nationwide safety risk. Officials have stated that Chinese apps may present a means for Beijing to grab Americans’ information, which TikTok and different Chinese corporations deny.

This month, the Trump administration issued an order that goals to limit TikTok and WeChat, a preferred Chinese messaging service owned by Tencent. Mr. Trump has stated that TikTok would have to shut down unless it is sold to a new owner by Sept. 15. The moves follow a yearslong campaign by the administration against Chinese telecom companies like Huawei and ZTE, including pushing major allies to abandon their products.

TikTok has said that while it is owned by a Chinese company, its top executives are Americans and its user data is stored domestically. In recent months, it has rapidly expanded its lobbying operation to fend off scrutiny from Washington and said it planned to hire thousands of additional employees in the United States.

Oracle, TikTok and Microsoft declined to comment.

Mr. Trump’s support for a potential Oracle bid underscores his close relationship with the tech company, which has spent years building ties to his administration. On Monday, the State Department said Oracle was backing its program targeting Chinese telecom companies and apps.

Unlike many of their Silicon Valley peers, Oracle’s executives are political allies of the president. Safra Catz, the company’s chief executive, was a member of Mr. Trump’s transition team, and Oracle’s founder and chairman Larry Ellison hosted a fund-raiser for the president earlier this year.

Last week, a Labor Department lawyer said that she was facing being removed from her position after raising concerns about intervention by Mr. Trump’s labor secretary, Eugene Scalia, in a pay discrimination case against Oracle. (The agency said Mr. Scalia had done nothing improper in the case, and Oracle said the lawsuit had no merit.)

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