The Full Blue Halloween Moon Is Happening Now

The moon stays, perpetually and since antiquity, a supply of cultural marvel. Last week, when NASA introduced that it will reveal “an exciting new discovery” in regards to the moon in a matter of days, the web, thirsty for distraction, went wild speculating about it. (It occurred to be thrilling information for house scientists — water and ice on the moon are extra accessible than beforehand thought — however not the supernatural or extraterrestrial information many yearned for.)

Moon updates have been plentiful this 12 months. In August, scientists reported that they had flashed a laser onto a NASA spacecraft that was gliding over the moon’s floor at 1000’s of miles per hour in an effort to measure distance between our moon and planet. (It labored.) In February, two astronomers found a mini-moon orbiting Earth.

Then there was the complicated time, in July, when some self-identified witches on TikTok claimed to have hexed the moon — resulting in frustration on the a part of extra established self-identified witches, who chastised the “fresh baby witches” for disrespect and hurting the “gods that rule the moon,” in keeping with one very talked-about Twitter thread. (Let’s not even deliver up the way in which witches and astrology lovers responded on-line to the information that President Trump examined constructive for the coronavirus throughout a full moon on Oct. 2.)

Now, the moon has one other vital second in retailer for witches and non-witches alike: On Oct. 31 — that’s Halloween to you — people in all time zones will likely be handled to a blue hunter’s moon. A blue moon happens on the uncommon event when there may be multiple full moon throughout a month. (It doesn’t really look blue.)

A hunter’s moon follows a harvest moon (that was Oct. 2), and it theoretically indicators a time to stockpile for winter.

The final time there was a full pizza-pie moon (a nontechnical time period) in all time zones on All Saint’s Eve was in 1944. There was a full moon on Halloween in 2001, nevertheless it was solely seen within the Central and Pacific time zones. The subsequent full moon on Halloween that will likely be seen worldwide is anticipated in 2077, in keeping with the Farmer’s Almanac.

The idea that something rare can happen during a full moon has been drilled into the human psyche in countless ways including through popular movies, books and cartoons. The root of the word lunatic is luna (moon in Latin), implying a sort of craze associated with the moon at its fullest. And in a fictional sense, of course, a full moon is a good time for werewolves, and is fully to blame for causing Cher to fall in love with Nicolas Cage in the 1987 film “Moonstruck.”

That said, “there is no significance to the blue moon — none at all,” according to Sarah Noble, a lunar scientist at NASA. “It is a folklore thing,” she added.

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