The Celebrity Bookshelf Detective Is Back

Zoom completely happy hours are far much less thrilling now than they had been in March. So is sourdough starter. A whole lot of the early preoccupations of our lockdown life don’t fairly have the identical appeal anymore (bear in mind the night time all of us made lasagna collectively?) But the possibility to take a position in regards to the minds and proclivities of the well-known by gawking at their bookshelves by no means will get outdated. So after a primary foray into bookshelf sleuthing, we’re again for extra.

3. “The History of Manned Space Flight,” by David Baker: A very complete history of the early space missions — Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and onward — for the NASA geek.

3. “My Life,” by Bill Clinton: The post-presidential memoir that told the story of the leader whose hardscrabble life began in a place called Hope.

4. “Mexico Illustrated 1920-1950,” by Salvador Albiñana: Mexican illustration and poster work from the first half of the 20th century, including all the great artists of the era who made beautiful propaganda.

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