Staring Down the Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Adventures in the Science, History, and Surprising Secrets of STDs
By Ina Park

Ina Park’s résumé is spectacular: She’s a doctor, half of the college of the University of California, San Francisco, and a medical advisor on sexually transmitted illnesses at the C.D.C. But these should not the credentials that gave me hope that she would write an important e book about sexually transmitted infections and the stigma surrounding them. After all, a typical North American medical training contains about 10 hours of intercourse training, which is lower than I acquired in my first weekend of undergraduate coaching as a intercourse educator 25 years in the past. What gave me hope that the e book would exceed expectations was Park’s school work as a peer intercourse educator herself, when she dressed up as a large condom and carried out a reside demo with a prophylactic and a banana.

Girl, similar!

“Strange Bedfellows” is, of course, well timed, not least as a result of extra individuals are enthusiastic about infectious illness and get in touch with tracing now than at maybe any time in historical past. This is the 12 months to contemplate extra clearly and compassionately people’ coexistence with transmissible critters.

It’s well timed, too, as a result of Park is express about the position of race in America’s and the medical institution’s information and remedy of these infections — the Tuskegee research, to call simply the most infamous instance, was a syphilis research. Health disparities and maltreatment by medical professionals have deep roots which can be affecting, understandably, the willingness of African-Americans to contemplate the Covid-19 vaccine.

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And it’s well timed as a result of the autocracies of the 21st century are reliably and virulently misogynist and homophobic, with the president of Poland final 12 months declaring that the time period “L.G.B.T.” shouldn’t seek advice from individuals as a result of it represents (in his view) an “ideology” extra harmful than communism. Want to make a Nazi mad? Read a e book about how homosexual individuals, individuals of shade and girls of all types deserve evidence-based sexual well being care.

But “Strange Bedfellows” is a lot greater than a contemporary tackle the greatest points of 2021. It’s joyful and humorous — involved, for instance, with the habitat loss of crabs in the face of pubic hair deforestation. Park ends most chapters with groan-worthy puns and quirkily sensible steerage for folks and comedians alike. Chlamydia is funnier than herpes. Crabs, as Park proves in the pubic lice chapter, are hilarious.

And humor is important to her purpose. Compassion, science and a loving playfulness are the final recipe for defusing stigma. As Park reveals in the chapter on PrEP (H.I.V. pre-exposure prophylaxis, for these not in the know), stigma can scale back individuals’s willingness to take preventive drugs or use preventive methods; on this method, stigma actually will increase danger of an infection.

Where does stigma come from? Park gestures towards the ordinary suspects, like non secular establishments and popular culture and the silence of households. She additionally acknowledges much less usually acknowledged stigma-mongers, like direct-to-consumer advertising and marketing by pharmaceutical corporations, journalism that describes sexually transmitted illnesses in language that reinforces the stigma, and even the prevalence of an an infection.

Great writing about intercourse meets readers the place they’re, and it invitations them by way of the door of evidence-based intercourse training, right into a world the place disgrace merely can’t exist. In the spirit of Angela Garbes’s “Like a Mother,” Park makes use of science, compassion, humor, various tales and examples of her personal shame-free dwelling (would you be a reside mannequin for college kids studying about gynecological exams?) to take the stigma out of these infections.

In her introduction, Park asks: “Will shedding light on these hidden yet influential genital creatures help us defeat S.T.I.-related stigma? I don’t know, but we must start somewhere.” Let’s begin right here, with the self-described “Lorax of pubic hair. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

Girl, similar.

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