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Choosing a settee is usually a daunting proposition. From cocktail events to catnaps, it has to fulfill all kinds of calls for. And it’s most likely the most important factor within the room, so it’s not inconspicuous.

A settee is “among the biggest and most important pieces of furniture in the living room or family room,” mentioned Estee Stanley, a Los Angeles-based inside designer whose movie star shoppers embrace Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Justin Timberlake.

Because it’s so huge, and so ceaselessly used, a settee isn’t the place to experiment with stylish designs, Ms. Stanley mentioned: “Stick with what you love, and know that you will still love it in five to 10 years.”

For completely different individuals, meaning various things.

“A single guy might want to have the deepest, comfiest sofa,” Ms. Stanley mentioned, “so all his friends can huddle together and watch football.”

But what if in case you have kids? “A family of four might want it to be classic,” she mentioned, “but not so precious that they have to worry when their kid smears chicken salad on it.”

  • How lengthy ought to a settee be? Somewhere between seven and 9 ft is normally perfect for seating three or 4 individuals, Ms. Stanley mentioned, though she generally goes longer with curved sofas.

  • Should or not it’s on legs or not? It is determined by the room, Ms. Stanley mentioned, however “I love legs, so it doesn’t look as much like one big piece.”

  • Which upholstery is greatest if in case you have kids? Ms. Stanley generally makes use of outside-grade cloth from corporations like Perennials and Sunbrella on indoor sofas. “My clients can’t even tell the difference,” she mentioned. And when spills occur, “they can just wipe it down.”

Sofa with wooden body, cotton-canvas sling and feather cushions by Lucy Kurrein

From $four,zero40 on the Future Perfect: 212-473-2500 or

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