Posts About Pennsylvania Get Most Misinformation on Election Day

Pennsylvania noticed extra misinformation on Election Day, particularly round allegations of fraud or election stealing, than different states earlier than the polls closed, based on misinformation researchers.

Zignal Labs, a media insights firm, tracked key phrases associated to “steal” or “stealing” the election through the first 18½ hours of Tuesday. The key phrases had been talked about along with Pennsylvania at a price 6.four occasions larger than the next-highest state, Kansas (which was adopted by Texas, Michigan and Florida), the corporate discovered.

During that interval, Zignal discovered that key phrases associated to “stealing” and the election hit 119,000 mentions throughout cable tv, social media, and print and on-line information retailers. One viral hashtag particularly, #CeaseTheSteal, made the mentions spike from just a few dozen to over 2,000 in 15 minutes on Tuesday morning, researchers discovered. It was talked about over 12,800 occasions on Twitter by midday.

Within this set of mentions, Pennsylvania noticed eight,150 associated to Democrats stealing the election, buoyed by articles printed on right-wing retailers comparable to The Gateway Pundit and National Post. Notable figures like Mike Roman, the Trump marketing campaign’s director of Election Day operations, additionally pushed mentions up.

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