Planning new year goals for your business to find out what works

  • Before you set 2020 behind you, it could assist to mirror on all of the challenges you and your business went via, then plan for the upcoming year.
  • Business coach and private branding strategist Maya Elious made a visit to Mexico to do that and shared the technique she makes use of to set goals in three foremost areas of her $1-million firm. 
  • She suggests taking your time — skipping the reflection could lead on you into the new year repeating previous habits.
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For business homeowners, 2020 introduced excessive hardship or large growths. Either approach, surviving via to the tip of the year was a feat of adaptability, innovation, and resilience. 

Before you set the year behind you, it could assist to mirror on all of the challenges you and your business went via, then set goals for the upcoming year. Business coach and private branding strategist Maya Elious made a visit to Mexico to just do that. 

She took break day from her obligations as CEO of Built To Impact, her teaching and consulting firm, to look again at 2020 and look forward at 2021. She mapped out what went mistaken, what went nicely, and the way she will develop from these experiences. With a busy schedule, it helped to block off that point on her calendar to be sure she bought it performed. 

“When you are intentional about what you specifically want to do with your time, then you show up for yourself more,” she advised Insider.

She’s used this planning train, and instructing it to shoppers at her retreats, for the previous two years. She mentioned she’s seen leads to assembly her income goals. In 2017 she made $107,000; two years later she made $331,000; and in 2020 she hit $1 million. Insider verified these numbers with monetary statements Elious offered.   

Elious broke down how she displays on three key areas of her business and units goals for the new year. The course of takes time — she spent about two and a half hours — so do not rush it. You additionally might want to come again to it later within the year and make tweaks

“You’re always going to come back to this to make sure that you are hitting your revenue goal and you are spending the right amount of time and money on the right things,” she mentioned. 

Reflect on 2020

The first a part of Elious’ course of is to mirror — and it is necessary not to skip this half. “If you don’t learn the lesson, you are going to repeat the assignment,” she mentioned. 

Skipping the reflection could lead on you into the new year repeating previous habits. “There’s so much clarity when we can look back and see what happened,” she mentioned. “You’re looking back at a wiser version of yourself.” 

What labored?

Take inventory of all of the issues that labored this year, it could possibly be massive modifications or little tweaks you made that led to extra gross sales, larger site visitors, extra followers, or new alternatives. 

Focusing first on what went nicely begins the train with gratitude so the subsequent steps are a bit simpler, Elious mentioned. “It’s going to be easier to pivot your mindset into ‘what did I learn?’ when you first look at the quote-unquote failure from a place of gratitude.”

What did not work?

Next, consider what did not work nicely this year, whether or not it was business capabilities that did not pan out or your personal mindset that bought in the way in which. 

In 2017, Elious operated her business as an company and did not hit her $1 million income aim. When she realized how a lot she hated having an company, she shifted into an occasions and training business. She mentioned her firm would not have grown as shortly if she hadn’t made that change. 

“A lot of times we just look at something not working as failure or as a loss, but not really understanding that there’s a learning lesson to it and that we can pivot from that moment and really turn it into a win,” she mentioned.  

What did you be taught from these challenges?

Now the final questions can inform your best takeaways from the previous year. Ask your self what you discovered from the highs and lows. Maybe it was pivoting to digital choices, chopping down on stock, or growing your costs. Maybe 2020 challenged your management, pushed you to rent smarter and to enhance your administration expertise. 

“When you recognize what you learned, then you can now start creating different habits to go into your next season,” Elious mentioned. 

Despite her concern of committing to a 12-month program, the previous year taught her that she might do it. At the tip of her six-month program, her shoppers nonetheless wished to work along with her. “My learning lesson was that I can actually commit to clients for that length of time and I have the ability to provide value,” she mentioned. Going ahead, she plans to supply 12-month applications. 

Set your goals for 2021

Now that you’ve got mirrored on the previous year, you will have a greater concept of what you want to obtain within the coming year. Elious examines three foremost areas of her business to set her new year goals. 

First, she writes down her annual income aim for 2021, then breaks it down by month. This will assist to inform what she wants to accomplish within the subsequent three steps. 


List out your present and future merchandise, affords, or companies, together with the worth factors. Then determine out what number of of every you want to promote to hit your month-to-month and annual income goals. If your income aim is greater than $500,000, Elious recommends monitoring weekly as nicely. 

For instance, an aesthetician would wish to calculate what number of facials, waxes, and lashes they would wish to do every month to hit their income aim.


Next, record the advertising and marketing platforms which might be simplest for your business. Figure out how you will meet your gross sales goals and convert prospects with these advertising and marketing channels. 

Sticking with the aesthetician instance, how are you ensuring your business is seen by individuals who need waxes? How are you advertising and marketing your facials so that individuals will need them? 

“If you need to be doing more waxes because people are not coming in for waxes, then that means there’s something off with your marketing,” Elious mentioned. 

And if your plan is not working just a few months in, you’ll be able to at all times return and revise it. “There’s no point in spending marketing dollars on something that people are not excited about or they’re not buying,” she mentioned. 


The remaining step is to take a look at the inside workings of your business to higher perceive the logistics of assembly your income goals. This would possibly embrace partnering with a new provider or vendor; or perhaps you will want to rent new staff to have the capability to fulfill larger volumes. 

For instance, in case you’re reserving ten waxes per day, who’s performing these? Are you the one individual working your business operations or do you could have a group supporting you so you’ll be able to prioritize different areas? 

“When you have all of those things in play, you can generate the money that you need to, and then also be mindful of the amount of time that you’re putting in your business,” Elious mentioned. 

Even in case you do not hit all your goals by the tip of the year, Elious mentioned it is one other alternative for development. “Shifting for the better, not shifting because I’m inadequate or because I’m not good enough,” she mentioned. 

“When you give yourself that permission upfront, you’re pivoting towards a better destination.”

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