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Coax your newspaper into three-dimensional flowers to make a candy springy pop-up card for a particular somebody: mom, aunt, grandma, sister, good friend, anybody! Once you study this surprisingly easy approach for making cupped flowers, you’ll be able to layer or tape them facet-by-facet to make totally different types. Cut almond shapes and skinny strips of newspaper for leaves and stems.

You’ll fold a sq. of paper to chop all of the petals without delay, just like the way you make a paper snowflake, then use a way just like stitching a dart to create the flower heads. An vital trick: Use very tiny items of double-sided tape to stay the flowers to one another and the cardboard to permit them to “bloom” if you open it.

1. Fold the biggest sq. in half after which in half once more. Fold in half but once more, diagonally.

2. Use scissors to spherical off the open nook.

three. Unfold your paper. Cut one petal out.

four. To create the cup form, rub the glue stick over one petal subsequent to the lower out. Overlap with the petal on the opposite facet of the lower and press to connect in place.

5. Use smaller squares to create further blooms and stick them to the within of the bigger flower with a small (about ¼-inch) piece of double-sided tape.

6. Fold the flower in half. Put a ¼-inch piece of double-sided tape on the again of the center petals towards the flower’s tip. Stick the folded flower to at least one facet of the cardboard, on or close to the middle fold.

7. Then shut the cardboard and press down in order that the opposite facet sticks to the cardboard.

eight. For a multi-flower card with leaves: make two or extra flowers per the directions above.

To make leaves, lower almond shapes and fold them in half. Fold the flowers in half. Line them up and use a chunk of double-sided tape on the again of the flowers’ center petals to stay them to one another after which repeat Step 6 to stay to the cardboard.

9. Tape or glue the leaves across the flowers.

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