Mark Cuban on putting an asterisk to 2019-20 championship

Due to the unraveling coronavirus pandemic, which has halted the sports activities panorama to a standstill, together with the NBA, there’s a burgeoning query on whether or not the 2020 NBA title can be thought of reliable or not. According to Dallas Mavericks proprietor Mark Cuban, there shouldn’t be an “asterisk” affixed to the 2020 champion.

“People don’t look at [how the season played out],” Cuban instructed The Dan Patrick Show, by way of Bleacher Report, on Friday. “People just look at the rings on your finger.”

“No, no more than 1999,” Cuban stated. “Everybody said 1999 there’d always be an asterisk and no one remembers.”

“Or even 2012,” Cuban continued. “When there was a 66-game, post-lockout season. No one brought that up and that was a big deal because you were playing back-to-back-to-back games to get to 66 games into a season. And so that was even more difficult.”

An NBA restart, deliberate for July 30 in Orlando, Florida, will definitely be fairly the sight given the fan-less surroundings, however as Cuban talked about, within the endgame, folks solely care in regards to the Finals winner—not the circumstances surrounding the season.

Mark Cuban additionally made reference to the 1998-99 season and Finals, which noticed a 50-game season applied, beginning in Feb. 1999, following a labor dispute between house owners and gamers leading to a lockout by the house owners. The San Antonio Spurs later defeated the New York Knicks within the 1999 Finals.

The subsequent shortened season occurred in 2011-12, after one other lockout. The common season began on Christmas Day in 2011 — the same state of affairs that would probably befell the beginning of the 2020-21 marketing campaign — and later resulted within the Miami Heat defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder within the Finals (LeBron James’ first championship win).

Cuban’s Mavericks nonetheless have championship aspirations, as final yr’s Rookie of the Year honoree Luka Doncic, a first-time All-Star in 2020, has the squad seventh within the Western Conference and can be resuming together with 21 different groups in Orlando.

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