Late Night: Who Could Obama Possibly Have Been Talking About?

[As Karl Rove] Yes, what Obama did there was a political drive-by taking pictures. He actually crip-walked throughout America’s norms. I imply, this was not the time for a rap battle. Because that is Donald Trump’s film, and Obama is speaking loudly throughout it. What a black day in American historical past.” — TREVOR NOAH

“OK, I do know we’ve all misplaced monitor of time in quarantine, however Karl Rove being a gross [expletive] on Fox News to get a president re-elected — is that this 2004?” — SETH MEYERS

“Isn’t it crazy how Obama never even had to mention Trump by name? Like, that’s how you know you’ve screwed up, when someone could just say, ‘People have no idea what they’re doing,’ and everyone is like, ‘That’s Trump. That is Trump.’ Even Trump is like ‘That’s me, totally me.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“You know, it’s humorous how Obama hides his insults, nearly like he doesn’t need to get in hassle with Michelle for going low. [imitating Obama] Now, I agree with Michelle, that we’re gonna go excessive. So I gained’t say something about your mama. I’ll, nevertheless, level out that the one who gave beginning to you has reached proportions that would presumably obscure massive our bodies of sunshine.” — TREVOR NOAH

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