John Geddert Charges: What Is Human Trafficking?

Of all the fees introduced in opposition to the previous U.S. gymnastics coach John Geddert on Thursday, probably the most alarming appeared to be the 20 counts of human trafficking.

The fees, introduced by Michigan’s legal professional common shortly earlier than Mr. Geddert died by suicide, signify a inventive authorized technique for prosecutors, one which specialists say might set a precedent for future authorized fights involving coaches within the high-pressure world of elite sports activities.

Although many individuals affiliate human trafficking with sexual abuse and folks smuggling, its precise definition is way broader, encompassing exploitation and compelled labor. That makes the time period ripe for exploration within the context of abusive athletic environments.

Under U.S. regulation, human trafficking is the usage of “force, fraud or coercion” to acquire labor or a industrial intercourse act, in line with the Justice Department.

After a defendant facing criminal charges dies, a criminal case is pretty much moot, Professor Jordan said.

However, experts said other legal avenues, such as civil lawsuits against Mr. Geddert’s estate, remained open to possible victims.

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