How to use Instagram Stories to sell products and grow your business

  • It’s been an particularly difficult 12 months to run a business, however a number of manufacturers are discovering artistic methods to enhance gross sales via Instagram Stories.
  • New and established entrepreneurs shared with Business Insider how they’ve leveraged the free platform to join intimately with consumers.
  • Instagram permits business house owners to velocity up the timeline of conventional ecommerce, notably as a result of they’re in a position to add a number of gadgets to 24-hour Stories. 
  • Post a variation of sizes and kinds on your story to observe and pay attention to new traits and what individuals are in search of. 
  • You solely have a couple of seconds to seize potential clients’ consideration, so put up constantly, use informal, less-thought-out photographs, and don’t fret about making all the things look “perfect.”
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Running a profitable business is tough sufficient in a typical 12 months. In 2020, it means an entire lot of labor and getting artistic. 

One means manufacturers are being resourceful is by using gross sales strategies exterior of brick-and-mortar or ecommerce — equivalent to bringing the product proper to the client on Instagram Stories. 

As of January 2019, Instagram reported that over 500 million folks use Stories each day. This function supplies an incredible — and free — platform for entrepreneurs to grow their companies and extra intimately join with consumers. Instead of looking for gadgets on a web-based retailer or masking up to store in individual, Stories present a handy, low-energy means for folks to discover and purchase new products.

Business Insider spoke to new and established business house owners about why they select to sell by way of Instagram Stories and how you are able to do it, too. 

The advantages: faster promotion and a way of urgency

In 2014, Baltimore-based Lindsey Brown launched A Day N June, a classic idea retailer promoting attire, equipment, residence items, and furnishings, however she struggled to get a lot site visitors on her web site. While she additionally offered items at popup retailers and artwork galleries, Brown knew she wanted to take motion to grow her business.

In 2016, she started posting products to Instagram Stories — the identical 12 months the function launched on the app. “Creative content and photography have always been a big part of my brand,” Brown stated. “I was confident that by using Instagram as a selling platform, I would have free access to millions of people and be able to reach and learn my target customer.” 

A Day N June on Instagram Stories

A Day N June on Instagram Stories.

A Day N June

The resolution paid off: Brown noticed an virtually instant enhance in gross sales. She now has just below four,000 followers and makes about 50% of her gross sales via Stories. 

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Liz Power, the founding father of Awoke Vintage, has additionally utilized Instagram Stories to enhance income. After opening the business as a Brooklyn-based, brick-and-mortar retailer in 2012, she began actively promoting products on Instagram Stories in 2017. When her shops closed originally of the pandemic, for nearly 100 days 100% of gross sales got here from Instagram Stories, she stated. “Now that we are open it’s about 10% on a normal day, or can be as much as 90% on a slow day,” Power stated.

“Instagram Stories work really well because we upload about 75 items to our Stories every day, which takes maybe an hour or an hour and a half to do,” she added. “If I were to sit down and input them all into an online store, that would probably take me a whole day, maybe two days worth of work.”

Awoke Vintage on Instagram Stories

Awoke Vintage on Instagram Stories.

Awoke Vintage

Another motive Power favors Instagram Stories over conventional ecommerce: the sale velocity. “Especially with vintage where we only have the one item, I think it does create a sense of urgency because the Stories expire within 24 hours,” she stated. “People want to jump on it quicker than an online store.”

An simple means to sell from residence

After bars had been pressured to shut due to COVID-19, Atlanta-based bartender and cocktail creator Mercedes O’Brien began SippN at Home in April. Along with digital lessons, she sells at-home cocktail kits. 

Unlike the opposite founders, her product is obtainable solely by way of Instagram. “I gained a small following on my personal Instagram account of fellow cocktail lovers,” O’Brien stated. “It was a natural next step to leverage the same platform for my new business.” 

SippN at Home on Instagram Stories

SippN at Home on Instagram Stories.

SippN at Home

On common, O’Brien sells about 25 equipment orders and two requests for digital pleased hours every week. “With the holidays, I have seen a huge increase in inquiries and orders from corporate clients, many of which are looking for alternatives to typical holiday parties that are still creative and fun,” she stated. “The kits coupled with the Virtual Happy Hour demos have been very popular. Already leading up to the holidays, I have a total of six large groups ranging from 15 to 200 kits each for Virtual Happy Hours.”

Instagram Stories supplied Power a lifeline when her three storefronts shuttered for 99 days due to their non-essential standing. “It was pretty worrying because I still had rent, wages, and insurance to pay, all of the fun things that go with running a small business,” Power stated. “We were super fortunate in the sense that we were still able to sell via Instagram Stories during that full lockdown. It was the only source of income that I had during that time.”

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Post constantly, share varieties in products, and modify to suggestions

Every Sunday, Soni Lee Solano, the founding father of The Coney Shop, an eclectic way of life model, posts a weekly particular on Stories outlining the deal and price.

“That week, in particular, I will also advertise that particular product more over Instagram Stories,” she stated. After getting laid off in April, Solano began the model as a nod to her hometown of Coney Island.

The Coney Shop on Instagram Stories

The Coney Shop on Instagram Stories.

The Coney Shop

On high of the weekly particular, she shares products to her Stories each day whereas interacting together with her small group of followers. She credit these habits with growing the quantity of people that see her gross sales. About 95% of her gross sales come from Instagram Stories, whereas the opposite 5% is word-of-mouth, she stated. 

Brown seconds the significance of sustaining consistency, no matter current gross sales. “Some days I sell nothing, but the next day I could sell every item I post,” she stated. “Posting regardless if you sell or not shows the platform that you are an active account. It gives you a higher chance of being seen by more people, and shows your audience that your shop is a place they can always come to find new cool pieces and buy them in seconds.”

To entice new clients, Brown advisable thoughtfully using hashtags and location markers. 

“It takes more than one story or story series to keep up sales,” O’Brien added.

For apparel-focused companies, Power advisable posting a variation of sizes on your story. Her 14-person crew takes turns posting products to the account and are inspired to share no matter gadgets they gravitate to. This method ensures totally different kinds get highlighted.

A Day N June on Instagram Stories

A Day N June on Instagram Stories.

A Day N June

She’s discovered that over time you get a really feel for what folks like to purchase on Instagram and can tailor your posts. With so many individuals working from residence, she’s transitioned their choices accordingly. “We’ve definitely seen a lot more of a transition to ‘WFH Fits,'” Power stated. “People gravitating toward comfy elasticated pants but a smart top or cashmere sweater for those Zoom calls.”

The similar is true for magnificence and residence products. As shoppers shift to assist extra Black-owned companies, Power has seen carried manufacturers The Best Kind and Perry Boyce enhance in demand, and shares and promotes accordingly. 

“We live in a time where we all want everything quick and easy — selling over Stories is just that,” Brown stated. “You’re interacting, getting feedback, and physically seeing who your customer is and what they like, sometimes in less than two minutes. This allows you to analyze your business in a way we never could before.”

Get artistic and do not overthink it, however keep on model

Unlike grid posts, Stories do not have to look clear subsequent to one another or final for very lengthy. Business house owners inspired taking advantage of this flexibility — don’t fret an excessive amount of about making all the things look “perfect.” 

Power careworn that one of many benefits of promoting this manner is utilizing extra informal, less-thought-out photographs.

“Think of everything from font size to font color to use of GIFs, background music, and even polls,” Solano stated. “You have all these awesome features to utilize.” She advisable using options that keep on model — a way that may make your put up recognizable. Solano does this by constantly utilizing GIFs, vibrant colours, and including her brand to Stories. 

The Coney Shop on Instagram Stories

The Coney Shop on Instagram Stories.

The Coney Shop

Sharing buyer posts of your product is a good way to create belief in potential shopper’s minds. “I like to mix the content I’m listing for sale mixed in with the Stories I’m getting tagged in from people that purchase,” Solano stated. “This especially helps people that are skeptical if they feel like they might get scammed from someone they don’t know.”

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Stay organized offline

“If someone directly messages me from a story, I have them place an order via email,” O’Brien stated. “From there, I log and track in a spreadsheet with all order details, send confirmation emails, and reminder emails the morning of pick-up.”

Brown employs a way she refers to because the “in-and-out rack method.” She places all the things that will probably be posted that day or week on a rack or shelf. As quickly as an merchandise sells, she strikes it to a brand new stand designated for offered items with their transport label hooked up. This method helps maintain orders organized whereas guaranteeing she does not combine them up with any product on the market via one other avenue like her web site.

Quick motion can maintain mix-ups from occurring. “We try to respond to people as soon as possible and package up items as soon as they sell so they don’t accidentally get sold on the shop floor,” Power stated.

Don’t have the swipe-up choice? Outline your buy coverage on Stories.

Unless you are verified on Instagram or have over 10,000 followers, swipe-ups on Stories aren’t accessible. While having clients ship a direct message or e mail is working for manufacturers with out the function, they admit it might be advantageous.  

“I wish Instagram allowed the ‘swipe-up’ option for people under the follower limit,” O’Brien stated. “It could really help other small businesses direct followers to their websites or order more fluidly.” 

Creating a narrative that outlines how to buy a product might help mitigate this frustration. Before posting new products, Brown shares a slide telling clients to instantly message her with the merchandise they need and their most well-liked fee methodology. It then instructs them to pay the bill. The picture additionally states insurance policies equivalent to free US transport and no holds or returns. This clear put up prevents any confusion down the street for consumers.

Awoke Vintage on Instagram Stories

Awoke Vintage on Instagram Stories.

Awoke Vintage

Hard work for a giant reward

Brown is the primary to admit that promoting over Instagram Stories requires self-discipline — particularly as a one-woman business. “It takes a lot of work, creative energy, and dedication to curate an Instagram shop worth shopping,” Brown stated. “The faster you sell, the faster and harder you have to work. Keeping up can be tough, but it has taught me a great deal about time management and the importance of systems when running a business like this.”

Alongside the grind are quite a lot of rewards, equivalent to increasing your model recognition. “It’s really cool talking to people who come in [to the store] and say like, ‘Oh, I’m visiting from California, and I’ve only ever seen your Instagram Stories, I’m excited to be here in real life,'” Power stated.

As with any facet of rising your business, promoting over Instagram Stories generally is a studying expertise with an incredible payoff. “Once you find your groove in it all, it can be a very lucrative selling vessel for any type of product,” Brown stated. “It’s done wonders for my business so far and is constantly evolving for the better.”

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