How to Have a Wow Wedding for Two

As weddings are shifting away from large bashes to small-scale affairs due to the coronavirus, are embracing the truth that they’ll focus much less on pleasing a whole lot of company and extra on creating the right day for simply the 2 of them.

“An elopement no longer means that the event would be decided on and executed that same day or week, it just means that it will have the intimate feel and charm of impromptu nuptials, but be planned just like a large wedding would,” says Aya Kanai, the pinnacle of content material and editorial partnerships at Pinterest.

And, if area and protocol permit, many are having minimonies with fewer than 10 members of the family and buddies from their social bubble. “Small weddings are, of course, a reflection of the times we’re currently living in, but the aesthetic of the event is as important as ever,” Ms. Kanai stated. “They’ve opened a lot of opportunities for couples to be more creative.”

Here, bridal consultants share the highest tendencies that may assist make your elopement or cozy fête magical.

Since location is the principle part of a wedding ceremony, we will anticipate a number of modifications in venue choices for 2021 celebrations. As are scaling again their visitor checklist, they’re additionally being very intentional about the place they select to wed. “Couples have gotten really imaginative and are tying the knot in uncommon, picturesque locations just by themselves or with a tight group of family and friends, such as in a beautiful hidden courtyard, endless flower-filled field, or even underneath a waterfall,” stated Michelle Norwood, the founder and inventive director of Michelle Norwood Events, based in New Orleans. “The more epic and off-the-beaten path the location the better.” Pairing the stunning outdoor space with an unforgettable dinner — such as a private chef on a yacht sailing around a scenic coastline, or a chic picnic on a secluded beach — is the ultimate goal.

Couples will also take the at-home wedding up a notch by thinking beyond the customary tent — from building temporary structures from scratch to setting up transparent bubble tents that feel like private suites. “Couples are looking for a chic and immersive experience for their special day and that starts with a unique venue. They want a space that allows them to be in the moment,” said Yaz Quiles, the founder and owner of POP! By Yaz and Pop! Igloos, based in New York. “Unexpected venues that are better suited for smaller celebrations can offer a blank canvas to create the perfect atmosphere.”

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Giving up a long guest list definitely has its advantages when designing a dream wedding. Planners, floral designers, and event stylists are seeing a trend among couples who are hosting intimate events reallocating their original budgets toward lush florals, lavish stationery, and luxe tablescapes. The shift to bigger décor budgets and smaller venues has made the table the focal point of the event.

Because many couples will be opting for no dancing at their wedding receptions, this will allow them to be more attentive to the quality of music. “I see more couples steering clear of the typical wedding tunes and instead curating a creative live-music playlist, such as a custom soundscape of soul music consisting of B-side classics that are well known, but less played.”

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