How Do You Interact With News on Social Media?

Social media has turn into an vital approach that many individuals discover, devour and share information. These on-line communities expose us to info we’d not in any other case come throughout, and supply an area for dialogue and change.

So we’re doing a bit of venture to discover how individuals take into consideration the information they encounter on social media. We’d wish to get your responses to some headlines, and ask a few transient follow-up questions.

David Rand, a professor on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who research cognitive science and social media, and his group will overview responses (with identifiers eliminated) after which share their findings about you and different New York Times subscribers attending our dwell occasion in May.

You shall be offered with a set of reports headlines from quite a lot of on-line information sources. We are thinking about how probably you’d be to share them on social media in the event you noticed them there.

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