‘Guernica’ Tapestry Is Taken Back From U.N. by a Rockefeller

For greater than three a long time, a 25-foot lengthy canvas tapestry duplicate of “Guernica” hung outdoors the United Nations Security Council chamber, the backdrop for speeches by diplomats who had been working to avert the atrocities depicted in Picasso’s iconic antiwar portray.

But now the tapestry is gone, repossessed by its proprietor, Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr., whose household had commissioned the tapestry within the 1950s and lent it to the United Nations in 1985.

Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesman for Secretary General António Guterres, informed reporters on Friday that Mr. Rockefeller had lately requested the tapestry again, and that it had been returned to him earlier this month.

“I feel sad and a sense of loss looking at that empty wall,” Mr. Dujarric stated. “The tapestry was not only a moving reminder of the horrors of war but, because of where it stood, it was also a witness to so much history that unfolded outside of the Security Council since 1985.”

The painting’s haunting black-and-gray images of screaming humans and animals turned “Guernica” into an enduring symbol of war’s monstrosities.

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