Get Back In The Job Market

The transition to, and acceptance of, distant work has enabled employers to forged a wider internet once they seek for expertise — and so must you, in on the lookout for jobs.

“Many employers are open to hiring remote workers, but often in the same time zone,” Ms. Weitzman mentioned. “That means if you live on the East Coast, you’ll have multiple options in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Connecticut.” Sure, this implies you’re competing with a much bigger pool of candidates, however it additionally offers you extra possibilities to search out the precise match.

This may be time to make a profession transition. “You might want to be more flexible and think about switching fields,” Mr. Wahlquist mentioned. “Take those skills that you’ve developed and try to find something that is even better, or more sustainable long term.”

Meanwhile, think about taking a related coaching course, particularly when you’ve been unemployed. “If you’re not working, I would 100-percent recommend to sign up for some training, because it shows initiative and a vested interest in updating and expanding your skill set,” Ms. Weitzman mentioned.

If you’ve been out of a job for some time, both for lack of alternatives or since you have been busy shepherding youngsters by way of Zoom college, that’s OK. “Everybody knows what happened this past year,” Mr. Wahlquist mentioned. “Most people have a big free pass for a gap in their work history during the pandemic.”

Still, try to be ready to clarify — succinctly — what occurred and what you’ve been doing since. “Even if your past job loss wasn’t entirely due to Covid, most employers want to start a relationship with transparency,” he mentioned.

And, potential employers will wish to inspect your references. Expect that they’ll wish to discuss to your former supervisors for the previous 5 years, or previous couple of jobs. “Take this time to go back to those people and be direct,” Mr. Wahlquist. “You can ask, ‘Will you be willing to give a reference, and able to give me a good reference?’” A query that your former supervisor is perhaps requested is that if she or he would rehire you. “And if the answer is no, then why?”

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