Female Athletes Are Under Covered. These Olympians Want to Change That.

“Growing up I didn’t have posters of female athletes, which wasn’t because I didn’t watch sports,” Morgan stated. “I just didn’t know enough about female athletes to put them on my wall and idolize them.”

Female athletes will also be extra fascinating topics than male athletes, partially as a result of they’ve to be. Million greenback salaries, commonplace in males’s sports activities, are all however absent from girls’s sports activities until your title is Serena Williams. They have to battle for scraps of consideration from the media.

“We don’t have $40 million saved up in the bank to live on for however long,” Morgan stated. “We don’t have sponsorships for millions of dollars with one footwear company. As a female athlete, you have to be more than a female athlete.”

Robertson says TOGETHXR can be an “identity” model, which she says will communicate to the concept of younger girls as “multi-hyphenates.” “Alex is not just incredible soccer player but a mom, activist, business person and scholar,” she says.

Women’s sports activities, by no fault of the athletes, are additionally inherently political and politicized, very like girls’s our bodies. To Manuel, who spent a lot of the pandemic coaching for the upcoming Olympics in a yard pool, the entire difficult methods through which girls should navigate by sports activities and the world means they’re “bursting at the seams to tell these stories.”

It may also imply they’ve extra fascinating tales to inform — Manuel needs to inform tales about Black hair, psychological well being, minorities in swimming and maybe cooking — than male athletes who would possibly start specializing in a multimillion greenback profession when they’re 14 and start media coaching at 16.

“Being a woman, you are told you are too much or not enough of any one thing, all the time, especially in sports,” Manuel stated. “It is a consciousness that isn’t even ingrained, it is a byproduct. If we are talking literal financial opportunities, you have to dimensionalize yourself because there isn’t enough respect for women athletes and their athletic performance.”

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