After Years in Government, Biden Has a New Perk: Air Force One

White House officers wouldn’t say when Mr. Biden would take his first home journey, however mentioned that a typical presidential journey schedule was on maintain due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Certainly, his preference would be to get on a plane and fly around the country, but that’s not the step we’re planning currently,” the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, mentioned throughout a briefing final month.

Other senior administration officers insisted that Mr. Biden was not grounded and would journey domestically quickly, pointing to the truth that he safely made two journeys to Georgia through the transition to marketing campaign for Democratic Senate candidates.

Presidential journey is pricey and time-consuming, however it’s also important to the job, former White House officers mentioned.

“It’s critical for people to feel the presence and be aware of the fact that the president took the time to come to the place where they are,” Mr. Podesta mentioned. “One of the things that underlies the deep divisions in the country is people feeling like, ‘You forgot about me.’ Showing up changes that dynamic.”

Mr. Podesta mentioned it could be vital for Mr. Biden to journey after addressing a joint session of Congress this month, even when it meant taking over some well being dangers. “He’s going to lay down a lot of ideas of what needs to get built and he’s got to go to some places where those things will get built,” he mentioned.

But given the pandemic and the politically fragile second the nation is in, Michael Beschloss, the presidential historian, mentioned that staying in Washington extra usually may go higher for Mr. Biden.

“After John Kennedy’s assassination, the country was so agitated that the new President, Lyndon Johnson, made a commitment not to travel abroad for a period of time,” he mentioned. “Although for different reasons, Biden’s staying close to the White House has reminded me of that. I believe that right now, seeing Biden in the State Dining Room, announcing how he’s dealing with one supreme problem after another, is more reassuring than it would be to see him on the road, in the middle of a pandemic, trying to find a crowd to speak to.”

Mr. Biden, nevertheless, might not agree as soon as he has been on the aircraft.

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