A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics

At Fermilab, a brand new campus dedicated to finding out muons was being constructed.

“That opened up a world of possibility,” Dr. Polly recalled in his biographical article. By this time, Dr. Polly was working at Fermilab; he urged the lab to redo the g-2 experiment there. They put him in cost.

To conduct the experiment, nevertheless, they wanted the 50-foot magnet racetrack from Brookhaven. And so in 2013, the magnet went on a three,200-mile odyssey, largely by barge, down the Eastern Seaboard, round Florida and up the Mississippi River, then by truck throughout Illinois to Batavia, residence of Fermilab.

The magnet resembled a flying saucer, and it drew consideration because it was pushed south throughout Long Island at 10 miles per hour. “I walked along and talked to people about the science we were doing,” Dr. Polly wrote. “It stayed over one night in a Costco parking lot. Well over a thousand people came out to see it and hear about the science.”

The experiment began up in 2018 with a extra intense muon beam and the aim of compiling 20 occasions as a lot knowledge as the Brookhaven model.

Meanwhile, in 2020, a bunch of 170 specialists often known as the Muon g-2 Theory Initiative printed a brand new consensus worth of the theoretical worth of the muon’s magnetic second, primarily based on three years of workshops and calculations utilizing the Standard Model. That reply bolstered the unique discrepancy reported by Brookhaven.

Reached by cellphone on Monday two days earlier than the announcement, Aida X. El-Khadra, a physicist at the University of Illinois and a co-chair of the Muon g-2 Theory Initiative, stated they’d been ready for this consequence for a very long time.

“I have not had the feeling of sitting on hot coals before,” she stated.

On the day of the Fermilab announcement one other group, utilizing a distinct approach often known as a lattice calculation to compute the muon’s magnetic second, obtained a distinct reply than Dr. El-Khadra’s group, including a brand new be aware of uncertainty to the proceedings.

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