7 Police Officers Suspended as a Black Man’s Suffocation Roils Rochester

Mr. Prude spit on the bottom a number of occasions, and whereas not aiming on the officers, his motion drew their consideration. “Stop spitting,” one stated. “Anybody got a spit sock?” one other requested, referring to the gadget generally carried by the police and utilized by corrections officers.

At three:19 a.m., an officer unfolded a white hood, approached Mr. Prude from behind and pulled it over his head, the place it hung loosely. Mr. Prude started rolling within the street, pleading for it to be taken off.

A minute later, after spitting repeatedly contained in the hood and shouting, “Give me the gun,” Mr. Prude appeared to attempt to rise to his ft. Three officers who had been holding a distance hurried ahead and pushed him to the road.

One officer, recognized as Mark Vaughn, held Mr. Prude’s head facedown, seeming to push it to the road as he held a fistful of the hood.

Mr. Prude’s indignant protests turned tearful, then devolved into incoherent grunts and gurgling sounds, in keeping with the video. An officer requested him, “You good, man?” There was no reply.

“He’s puking, just straight water,” an officer stated. “You see that water come out of his mouth?”

An ambulance arrived. “Roll him on his back,” a paramedic instructed as officers looked for a handcuff key. A paramedic started performing CPR as Mr. Prude remained handcuffed.

Finally, have been eliminated, and Mr. Prude was positioned on a stretcher and into the ambulance, the place he was given photographs of epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate, and shortly after, his heartbeat returned by itself, in keeping with a police report.

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